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For millions of people in different parts of the globe, laws are and legal matters are usually confusing. This is not surprising because the law is complex and it has many branches. In some cases, lawyers find the law confusing too. This is why they have specialists in different branches of law and this is why general practitioners refer their clients to specialist lawyers. Talk to lawyers and you will probably hear expressions like solicitors family law, civil litigation, appeal, mitigating circumstances and abeyance. These are some of the esoteric expressions used by legal experts to express legal matters.

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Understanding the Law Officer

The expression law officer covers a number of professionals. Now, many people are aware that police officers are also called officers of the law. This is because it is the job of police men and women to apprehend criminals, detain them and bring them to justice. The police also carry out investigations, give evidence in court and protect the civil population from criminal elements. Other law officers are prosecutors and lawyers working in the Ministry of Justice or the Office of the Attorney-General. Senators, legislators and judges can also be considered law officers. This is because they make laws and interpret the law. In effect, the jobs of law officers include making laws, reviewing laws and enforcing laws.

What is Law?

In very simple terms, laws can be described as rules that govern a particular community, state or country. These laws regulate the actions of the members of that community and are usually enforced by the imposition of penalties on people who break the law. In most parts of the civilized world, the law is codified. This means that it is written and collected and takes the form of "codes". This is why you have the penal code, the criminal code and other related codes. In many democratic nations, the constitution of the land is closely related to the law of the land. This is because the constitution gives certain members of the society the authority to make laws, review laws and enforce laws.

Different Types of Law

The different types of law include criminal law, civil law, corporate law and marine law. In traditional African societies, some people are governed by customary law. In an Islamic theocracy, sharia law governs the activities of the citizens whether they are adherents of the Islamic faith or not.

Law Enforcement

There is no point in making laws if these laws cannot be enforced. Law enforcement is a key feature of any legal system and this is why you have the police, prisons and the court system in place to ensure that people who break the law are punished. This punishment is not punitive in nature. It is supposed to serve as a deterrent to others and reform the culprit.

Why You Should Know the Law

Any police officer will tell you that ignorance of the law is not an excuse. This is why you should make it a point to know how the legal system works. You should know what to do and what to avoid in every situation. This way, you always stay on the right side of the law.